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Jessica Alba
Alias: Lady of Seaworth
Place of Birth: Argent lake
Occupation: Part of the Nobility, Spokesperson for Esperanto
Age: 24
Species: Human
Family: Lord Godwin Alba
Skills: Courtly skills, sailing
Downfalls: Her father controls her life
Theme Song: "If I Should Fall Behind" written by Bruce Springsteen sung by Faith Hill
Major Allies: Esperantists, Balor, Captain Crunch
Minor Allies: Morrigan Aensland
Major Rivals:
Minor Rivals:
Portrayer: Jessica Alba

Jessica is the oldest daughter of Lord Godwin Alba, the leader of House Alba and the lord of the domain of Seaworth, a seaside province just outside Argent Lake.

Her Coat of Arms - Azure, an escallop argent
Her Coat of Arms - Azure, an escallop argent
As her House gained its prominence due to their extensive sea trade, Jessica is extensively traveled. In her travels she has come to appreciate the need for a universal language so she has come to use her influence to promote Esperanto, the international language. She is known now as "The Face of Esperanto".

Jessica is secretly engaged in a love affair with Balor, the infamous thief. As Balor is a commoner, her father does not approve and would like to see Balor dead.

Jessica has known Captain Crunch since she was a child and considers him a beloved uncle, though they are not related. He captains one of the ships in her father's fleet.

She is firends with Morrigan Aensland, who tries to convince her to let her hair down and join Morrigan in her wild escapades. Jessica's father considers Morrigan a bad influence but is limited in what he can due to prevent it due to the power of House Aensland.

She owns a pet pocket pig named Murex.

One of her wisest advisers is Master Harper Robinton.

Jessica's brother, Giles Alba, was kidnapped as a baby and has not been heard of since.

Lisa Douglas, a resident of Hooterville, a town in an adjacent outlying farming community maintains that her family is related to Lord Alba and uses this to give mostly unwanted advice to Jessica. Jessica listens politely and does what she wanted to in the first place.

She often eats at Atlantic City Pretzels.

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