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Argent Lake is a shared setting collaboration.


[edit] Major Categories

People | Groups | Places | Culture | Creatures | Events | Items

We are currently working on 195 articles.

[edit] Getting Started

The problem with the wiki format is that it can be difficult to get a feel for what is going on. To see the 'important' pages on the wiki, check out Most linked to pages. It should give you an idea of the most influential pages on the wiki.

[edit] Our Yahoo Group

It is perfectly OK just to add things to the wiki directly, but if you are unsure an addition is a good idea or not (it probably is), or you want to discuss something or if you are unfamiliar with wiki markup, please feel free to post to the Argent Lake Yahoo Group, which is located here.

[edit] The Rules

Start off with just a town, Argent Lake, and let the world grow around that.

Anybody can contribute, there is no need to ask permission first. Just post away (as long as you follow the simple rules).

Anything can exist in Argent Lake. The idea is to create a world that includes the stuff that you think is really cool and that it is not bound by any theme aside from it should be cool, whatever that might mean to you. It can include things borrowed from popular fiction, things you dreamed about, real life, your own writings, whatever.

The setting is bizarre and sometimes ridiculous, but it is not surreal. Things happen for reasons in Argent Lake. While you might have Abraham Lincoln and Mickey Mouse adventuring together because the Tooth Fairy told them to, they don't do it because the chicken crossed the road (unless you can come up with some logical reason that poultry travel causes a ex-president and mouse to work together).

The time and place of Argent Lake should never be set in stone. If might be in the distant past, the present or the far future or all times. It can be adjacent to Chicago, London and Minas Tirith all at the same time. If something you want to add requires that Argent Lake is next to a rain forest, go ahead and add a rain forest. If someone later needs it to be next to a snow field, then it is next to both a humid rain forest AND a frigid snow field. Don't worry about explaining about how this can be.

Design from the bottom up. That is, don't worry about the over-arching stuff at first, like what the government is like but rather slam in the characters and locations (not countries but stuff like shops and monuments and historical incidences) and let the generalities grow around that.

Every new entry must come from a Wanted Pages. However, you may add something to an existing entry in order to make the wanted page. For instance, if you wanted to create the Argent Lake Train Station and no entry has yet referenced it, but there is an entry for Scrooge McDuck, you could edit the Scrooge McDuck entry so it includes a reference to him owning the train station. Alternately, you could create a 'bridge entry' For instance, if you wanted to create the train station and there were no existing entries that seem likely to link directly to it, you could take Al Bundy's page, add how is best friend is Bob the Engineer. When you write up Bob's entry, you could include a reference to the train station.

Every entry must reference three other entries, one of which must already exist on the wiki. If it is a character stolen from something else, the reference must be from something outside its own universe to count.

For instance, if, say, we put Darth Vader in there, we could have him being turned to the dark side by Sauron, he learned kung fu from Evil Bruce Lee, and he could be married to Britney Spears. If one wanted him to still have Luke Skywalker as a son, we could, but it wouldn't count as one of the three mandatory references.

Preferably, the references would be to things the writer did not write personally.

When altering an existing page, the idea is to flesh it out, not to take something away or to seriously alter the spirit in which it is written. If the entry has Mr. Rogers as a living saint, do not turn him into a pedophile. Spam and patently offense entries may be deleted and altered at will.

You may alter the title of a link to match your new entry if the link has not been written up yet. For instance, if there is a reference to Jessica Alba dating Donald Duck and the Donald Duck entry hasn't been written up yet, you could change it to her dating Yoda instead, if you think that would be cooler, but only if you then write up the Yoda entry.

Do not feel that a sparse entry is a bad entry. If, for instance, you need a factory for your character to work at, do not feel that you need a detailed description of the factory for it work. Just make sure it includes the three mandatory references. If you don't include the CEO of the company, it might be just the thing that someone else needs to link up their CEO character. This is particularly important for entries that are likely to have wide spread effects, like the government services and such.

Do not feel that you need to fill out a Wanted Page just for the sake of completeness. Write only those things that excite you. Most of the Wanted Pages give an idea of what they are about by context, so if they never get filled out, that is just fine. But if you come up with what you consider a really nifty idea for a Wanted Page, feel free to write it up. If you would like to see what has already been written about that particular entry, click on the What links here link at the bottom of the left column.

Keep it PG rated. Which is not to say that you cannot imply X-rated material or that you can't get risque, just don't post anything you would be embarrassed for a 13 year old kid to read. Pictures of girls in bikini's or hands over breasts is OK, but not pictures with naughty bits showing.

The advantages of these rules is that:

1) Its all kind of unserious, which should cut down on arguments about whether something fits or not.

2) The specific is more interesting than the general. I would rather read about a person than a government.

3) The whole setting would intertwine, rather than just kind of make disconnected clumps.


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